Mastery Day

We sometimes go through phases in our lives where we feel somewhat less than masterful. In fact, we can feel downright out of control…you might recognise times like this because:

  • You’ve embarked upon a new project – personal or professional – and feel utterly out of your depth in ways you didn’t expect.
  • Your usual tactics and strategies aren’t currently working well for you, or you’re not even in a position to use them to help yourself.
  • You’re not treating your body as well as you could; you’re not nourishing it nor are you moving it enough.
  • You’re not getting a handle on your money; either making it or spending it.
  • Your relationships are suffering and you’re not sure how to get them back on track.
  • You can’t seem to find the motivation or ooomph to do what your need you to do.

….you don’t feel powerful, and you certainly don’t feel masterful. But how do you get back into your zone?

Do you need some time out from the daily grind to THINK and TALK with someone you can trust, at a higher level? Do you want to get things MOVING in the ‘right’ direction, instead of trying and falling at the 1st, 2nd or 3rd hurdle?

Join Me For A Mastery Day…

We will spend a day together – ideally in person though virtually/online is possible – to focus on helping you master the areas of your life/business that currently feel ‘off’.

We will spend time on whatever you (or I – since I usually get clarity on this from our first few minutes in conversation) feel will serve you best, and create the most impact from our time together. From previous Mastery Days, this has included some or all of the following:

  • Clarity on your core values – and where you’re not currently living in alignment with them.
  • An improved strategic AND action plan – to better guide your efforts and activities in the short-, medium- and long-term and give you the direction and focus that’s missing.
  • Hands-on tech support – to help you set up, use and get the most out of the tech tools at your disposal (whether that’s using your mobile phone, laptop or online tools more effectively).
  • A signature process – your way of working, logically structured and ready to be created and delivered to clients and customers as your ‘signature’ offering.
  • More solid foundations – plug the gaps, streamline the way you do things, and improve the way your business currently works with a systematic approach to business improvement, from the inside out.

…and on a personal level, you may find that you leave with more confidence, more inspiration, more pizazz and more ooomph than you arrived with 🙂

What Previous Clients Have Said About Spending A Day With Me…

I was referred to Lea’s VA business by a colleague, at a time where I needed help but wasn’t sure if my business was at quite that level to justify paying for it – a classic chicken and egg situation. I knew I had to just do it – I’d already thought about it for way too long. So I signed up and then came across Lea’s Mastery Days which sounded like exactly what I needed. As a business mentor to others, I needed to walk my talk and find a mentor myself.

But again I hesitated…until one day, I knew needed some outside help to structure all the BIG things that I wanted to do in my business. I felt my angels shout at me to contact Lea, so I did.

All I can say was that it was the best money I ever spent!

Lea listened to my dream and my vision. She understood me completely. She knew EXACTLY what needed to be done so we set to work writing it all down in formats and structures the seemed to make it all very simple.

We ended the day and I had a whole new business in place. It was incredible, and so too is Lea. She really helped me see the light of what was possible, she lifted a weight from my shoulders and helped me start a whole new path in 1 day. She is my earth angel!

After my Mastery Day, I had the most wonderful afternoon – I took the kids to the playground and to the café for a treat – I actually switched off and felt I deserved the break. This is what I want to do every day. I cannot express the gratitude for all your help and wisdom.

If you have any doubts about investing in this day, all I can say is what is the cost of not doing it? You will spend longer trying to figure this stuff out on your own and possibly not get it all done.

Lea has a wealth of experience that can really help you and direct you and your business. I can highly recommend Lea. Go for it!

– Martha F, Ireland

During my 2.5 years of self employment, I’d never invested in a business mentor. I guess I liked the idea of doing well without any assistance (that’s the control freak in me)!

Although my business was doing quite well in certain areas, I had definitely got myself stuck in a rut. No matter how much I tried, I seemed to be always working in my business and rarely on my business. I was frustrated and needed help!

To be honest, in the hours before I met Lea I was a little apprehensive about how much we could achieve in the time I had booked with her. However, after leaving Lea’s that day I was pretty much heel-clicking my way down the street with excitement!

I had learned so much from her. I came away with loads of ideas I could implement and a clear vision of how to move forward. I also felt really positive and at ease about everything. I think that has something to do with Lea’s energy and positivity.”  

– Naomi C, UK

If you possibly can, book one! I’m still trying to get everything straight in my head but honestly, I think I’m going to get more out of this than I anticipated.

Lea really weaves lots of things into the day without you even noticing until later (she really is very sneaky!).

One of the biggest positives I took away – apart from the fact that I can do this – is that Lea is just a normal person who has done some “extraordinary” things i.e. anyone who puts their mind to something can achieve it.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted from the day but Lea gently nudged me into starting a life/business plan (Values-Based Business Plan) and yes, life and business overlap…This was a revelation to me, so much so that my husband and children are helping me with my business and they are contributing into how we want our life to look. I hadn’t realised what a control freak I was and that it’s ok to ask for help, and actually vital to have the family on board and involved.

One of Lea’s greatest assets is that she helps you with the things you can’t do (at the minute), but she empowers you to do the work you can do. This was so important to me, as my self-belief needed a kick start (starting your own business is scary and I haven’t done anything like this before).

While we were walking back from lunch we nailed my core values in a matter of minutes and we were just chatting really; Lea managed to cajole out of me what I really believe in, instead of saying what I think people want to hear.

At the end of the Mastery Day I went away with a lot of “work” to do but with a feeling of calm and clarity. I’m no longer afraid to do this.

I have no hesitation in recommending a Mastery Day, no matter what stage your business is at, and I can guarantee that I will be booking another one in the future.”

– Melanie M, UK.

How This Works

Step 1: Reserve Your Day…

I reserve one day a month for a Mastery Day. If you’d like to reserve yours, please let me know which month you’d like – we will then schedule the exact date and times to suit us both.

Step 2: Confirm Payment & Logistics…

Your Mastery Day will be confirmed in my calendar once you’ve completed the payment. If you live close enough, you are invited to join me in person at a venue we agree on, or we can do the day virtually from the comfort of your (and my) home on Skype/Zoom. We’ll confirm exact times together, but plan on the day starting around 10am and ending around 4pm.

Step 3: Come Prepared To ‘Work’…

This is an intense day, in the sense that it will be all about YOU! The details get a bit looser because we’ll work on whatever it is that will move you forwards – the mindset, the strategy, the behaviours, the tools…it’s likely we’ll work on a bit of everything

We’ll typically start with a cuppa and a relaxed chat – likely delving into your existing thoughts, challenges, plans, and goals (if you have them). Then we’ll plan the rest of the day out together, agreeing to focus on whatever will be the most valuable for you to gain from our time together.

Step 4: You’ll Leave Masterfully…

When you leave, you’ll leave with a clear and strategic way forward, in business and/or life; you’ll know what you need to do, why you’re doing it, and how to do it (or how to figure it out). You’ll feel more powerful, more masterful and more in control, and you’ll also have rediscovered and reconnected with your ‘why’, which means that you’ll also hopefully feel more joyful!

Think We May Be A Fit?

One-off, 60 minute calls with me are £275. To reflect that this is a day of my time that I’m investing in you and your business, and to re-affirm your own commitment to your success, your investment for a Mastery Day with me is £795.

If you’d like to book a Mastery Day with me, please review the terms of business and get in touch to reserve your Mastery Day.