In a nutshell: 3 hours of coaching plus a strategic plan, plus a website, completed within the next 3 months.

What You Get for 3/3/3

  • 3 hours of private coaching, to be used as you wish across a consecutive 3-month period. So if you want 6 x 30-minute sessions or 3 x 60-minute sessions or 1 x 3-hour session, you can.
  • We’ll spend a 3-hour session together (either in-person or ‘virtually’), working on a 1-page strategic plan (based on your or your business’s core values) which will help guide you over the weeks, months and years to come.
  • You’ll get a 5-page website which we’ll design and build for you, using the content you provide. I can help guide you on this, if you’re at all uncertain 🙂

How 3/3/3 Works…

  • The Coaching:
    • Your coaching sessions will be held via Skype/phone/Zoom, or face-to-face if we are close enough to co-ordinate this and your time can be used however you choose, for business or personal purposes.
    • To get the most value, I suggest you use your coaching time to move a specific project forward, to overcome a specific challenge you’re facing or to explore a certain theme in your life.
    • If you need to cancel a session, please provide AT LEAST 24 hours written notice – by email, text, messenger or whatever way we typically communicate. If you don’t, you may have to forfeit the session unless I have availability to schedule you in again that same month.
    • You agree that you are ultimately responsible for making the decisions for YOUR business (and your life!), and that while I can guide you, it is your responsibility to make the most out of the work we do together.
  • The Strategic Plan:
    • I’ll send you an exercise to work through what your core values are (or the core values of your business/project – these can differ to yours).
    • We’ll spend a 3-hour session together to talk through what you want to achieve, how you’d like to achieve it, and what needs to happen to make this work.
    • After our session, I’ll draft the 1-page plan based upon our session for you to review and amend, as needed.
    • You’ll also receive access to all the resources I share in my Values-Based Business Planning methodology.
  • The Website:
    • With my guidance (if needed), you’ll tell me what you’d like your website to do for you/your business and how you’d like it to look.
    • I’ll work closely with my tech team to design and then build a website that meets your needs, using the written content you’ll provide (I can advise you on this too, if you like).
    • The website will be built using a self-hosted WordPress installation which means you’ll need to register a domain name and purchase web hosting. I can walk you through how and where to do both of these things, step by step.
    • I will show you how to edit and adjust the text contents on your website so you can keep your information updated, as needed (and won’t need to pay anyone through the nose just to change your prices).

Get Started

The fee for 3/3/3 is £3,000, payable in advance. If you’d like to move forwards, let me know here. I’ll send you a copy of my full T&Cs and an invoice, along with a link to book your first session in my calendar. If you’d like to move forwards, let me know here.

I’ll be looking forward to this, immensely 🙂