Customer Lifecycle Planning

How do you build a sustainable business? That is, a business that constantly and consistently sells what its customers want to buy, in a way that doesn’t compromise its core values…

The successful business of today is one that anticipates and responds to its customers needs successfully with every single interaction. This includes:

  • Understanding what choices your potential customers have when considering purchasing what you sell.
  • Knowing what makes a customer choose you (or a competitor) over other options.
  • Anticipating what they’ll need to successfully purchase and get the most out of their purchase.
  • Making it easy for them to recommend what you offer to other folk they know.
  • Identifying why they leave you, and where they go.

Many companies believe they know their customers well, when my experience – personal and professional – tells me otherwise!

As a former CRM specialist at Accenture, I can help you gain a different perspective of your customers. I can help you:

  • Put your customers needs at the forefront but not at the expense of your and your business’s core values.
  • Calculate your customer lifetime value (CLV) and how to manage and improve this.
  • Identify the nuances of your customer base, and segment them more effectively.
  • Understand where you’re not creating the kind of experience you want for your customers (and that they want with you).
  • Map out the ideal customer journey you’d like your customers to experience with your business.
  • Identify the changes you need to make across every function of your business to create the journey you want.

How to Anticipate, Meet and Exceed Your Customers’ Needs
With EVERY Interaction They Have With Your Business…

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