There’s a dichotomy between planning and going with the flow…after all, if you plan too rigidly, you leave no space for the ‘lucky’ coincidences and random occurrences that often move you forward, making you wonder why you bother to plan at all.

I never really planned for my life to work out the way it did, despite my typical MO of planning to the nth degree!  But planning is still in my blood and through all the ‘going with the flow-ness’, I’ve continued to make plans, make lists and keep some sort of focus on where I’d like to be headed.

So when I’m fighting between making a plan or going with the flow (which is often head versus heart), here’s what I tell myself…

Make a plan because…you need to know what you’re aiming for/at.

Go with the flow because…how you get there doesn’t actually matter.

Make a plan because…it gives you rules and boundaries to make better decisions within.

Go with the flow because…sometimes rules are meant to be broken (but you need to know what they are before you can break them!).

Make a plan because…decision fatigue is a real thing and continuously having to decide between every tiny thing reduces your capacity to make decisions about the important things that really matter.

Go with the flow because…just making any proactive decision moves you forward in some way.

Make a plan because…keeping those ideas in your head and never doing anything about them compounds your idea debt, when you could paying off that debt, making space and moving on.

Go with the flow because…sometimes ideas are just pie-in-the-sky dreams and you don’t need to bring every idea you have to life, the ‘right’ one will rise to the top.

Make a plan because…it’ll help untangle the jumbled up mess in your head which keeps you from moving forwards with anything.

Go with the flow because…when you start to pull out the threads from that tangled mess, the way forward often presents itself.

Making a plan because…having a bigger picture stops you from forever being lost in the details and minutiae of life.

Go with the flow because…often despite all your best laid plans, life and those pesky details of life tend to get in the way anyway 😉

P.S. If you need help with a plan, join me this Autumn for a strategic planning exercise which leaves space for the unexpected to happen and for you to go with the flow! Details here.