Values-Based Business Planning

I have worked with core values – in my own life and my work with clients – for years.

  • Living your core values is for the visionary, progressive leaders whose mission it is to make a difference in this world, not just make money. 
  • Values-Based Business Planning is for business owners who know that doing business in today’s world requires a very different kind of approach.

It is no longer possible to compete solely on price, product or quality and it’s harder than ever to stand out with ‘business as usual’ practices and to profit from one-way, win/lose transactions.

The successful business today that wants to stand out tomorrow must be founded upon a strong set of core values… 

Using core values as your guiding set of principles in life and business empowers you to find and communicate more meaning for yourself and others. You forge deeper relationships built upon shared values, can set your true course and steer your way through it, with the confidence and assuredness that you have a plan that connects the dots.

With this guided planning experience, I’ll help you define your business’s core values and show how to create a one-page strategic plan that puts these core values at the heart of everything.

Planning is bringing the future into the present, so you can do something about it now.” – Alan Lakein

Values-Based Business Planning is for business owners who know that doing business in today’s world requires a very different kind of approach. It is no longer possible to compete solely on price, product or quality and it’s harder than ever to stand out with ‘business as usual’ practices and to profit from one-way, win/lose transactions. The business of today that wants to continue to stand out tomorrow must be founded upon a strong set of core values…

Why Strategic Planning Matters

Many business owners get caught up in the day-to-day running of their business and rarely raise their heads above the parapet to look at where they’re actually headed or if what they’re doing is actually working.

When we’re in this mode, we tend to create an overly reactive environment for ourselves and our business, feeling like we’re only just hanging on, not quite in control and at the mercy of what life might throw at us. It’s not a comfortable place to hang out in, is it?

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are. –– Roy Disney

If you look at any highly profitable business, while there’s probably been a hefty dose of good fortune involved, there’s also been a decent amount of strategic planning thrown in for good measure. Why? Because an effective strategic plan sets your direction, guides your actions and helps you course correct when needed.

What’s MOST important to recognise is that the plan itself isn’t actually the point, it’s the act of planning which is the truly valuable part of the process.

Strategic planning is not – as most folk do – something you do once and then never again, it’s something you do over and over until you reach the goal(s) you set for yourself. And as we know, as the game changes, the goals change and so do you – and therefore so should your plan!

As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it. – Antoine de Saint Exupery

The purpose of YOUR strategic plan is to create a useful roadmap for you to build your business with that guides your decisions, actions and responses. You know you have a good plan when:

  • It motivates & excites you to work on your business whenever you look at it because you feel connected with it (deeply) and it’s something you’ve decided you consciously and intentionally want.
  • It guides your business’s day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year activities helping you stay out of that impulsive, reactive mode.
  • It helps you stay focused on what you want to achieve.
  • It enables you to make more informed decisions because you have something to measure them against. i.e. If I do X, will it take me closer to my mission?

With an effective strategic plan, you experience a feeling of greater clarity, control and calm. With an effective strategic plan, you have more confidence that you know where you’re headed, have a plan to get there and know which step to take next.

Because sustainable values are what anchor us in a storm, and because values propel and guide us when our lives are profoundly disrupted. They help us make the hard decisions.” – Dov Seidman

Values-Based Business Planning is ideal if:

  • You have a rough plan for what you’re doing but know you’re still not taking it seriously enough.
  • You’d really like to learn a way to plan that doesn’t involve writing 30+ pages of made-up shit!
  • You have a tendency to go off-plan frequently and want something you can actually connect and stick with.
  • You don’t like feeling restricted by a plan and need something that still gives you room to experiment (as is your tendency!).
  • You typically focus on short term, quick-fix tactics but know it’s time to focus on longer term, foundational strategies if you want to get truly serious about sustainable business success.

The kind of planning process I use is called Values-Based Business Planning. It’s a process I’ve developed over the past 10+ years that puts core values at the heart of your strategy which means that your entire plan is built upon the things which matter most to you and your business.

This approach to planning has numerous benefits over others:

  • It is just ONE page; no long-winded, wordy and waffly prose to construct; the more succinct the better.
  • It’s comprehensive and holistic; it’s not just designed for one specific project or business (though it can be used for this), it can also give you a complete view of your entire life and business strategy.
  • It’s meant to be changed, adapted and tweaked – because it’s only one page, it’s easy to tweak, adapt and modify as needed (in fact I recommend reviewing and tweaking it at least every quarter).
  • It’s based upon a set of guiding principles/beliefs/values that are unlikely to ever change, and become a measure for everything your business does.

Who Is This For?

This kind of strategic planning is most valuable to business owners who feel one or more of the following:

  • Disorganised and chaotic in your approach to business; things might have been ok so far but it feels more down to luck than anything else.
  • Directionless and struggling to anchor your business to things that really matter (to you and to others), which means you frequently jump on to the next new thing and lack any real consistency.
  • Disconnected and unsure how to fully grow your business alongside your life; things feel disjointed, overwhelming and you constantly struggle to find flow.
  • That you’re limiting your business (and your) potential because you don’t have what you need, and you don’t know how or where to find it.

What You Receive

The Values-Based Business Planning experience gives you access to:

  • A copy of my ebook, Values Matter, sharing why and how values can make all the difference to your business.
  • 8 steps – sent by email – walking you through how to create your own Values-Based Business Plan. Each module contains:
    • Detailed instructions to help you complete each section of your plan.
    • Audio recordings with specific examples, my own experience and tips for crafting your plan.
  • A downloadable copy of the “Crafting Your Values-Based Business Plan” eGuide as a handy reference for all your future planning activities 😉
  • A downloadable copy of the “Crafting Your Values-Based Business Plan – Working Example“ with a working example of a previously crafted plan.
  • Access to an online Values-Based Business Plan template, to help you complete your own plan.
  • Access to a sample high-level and a detailed Values-Based Business Plan, to refer to as you create yours.
  • BONUS: A sample LIFE plan, to show you how you can use this process to plan anything!

PLUS if you need complimentary feedback as you create each section of your plan, email it to me and I’ll provide personal feedback so you can move onto the next part of your plan with confidence.

When you’ve completed the Values-Based Business Planning experience, you’ll have:

  • A one-page overview of your entire business strategy, to guide your short, medium and long term decisions.
  • Your primary mission, clearly and compellingly defined.
  • Clarity on the strategies and tactics you’ve chosen to move forward with and implement your plan.
  • Well-defined measures of success to help guide your progress.
  • Comfortable acknowledgement that elements of your plan can (and will) change.
  • A reusable approach to strategically planning anything in business and in life.

Improve Your Strategic Planning Now

For a one-time investment of £197, you’ll learn a repeatable approach to planning more confidently and more strategically for any project you want to bring to life, with core values at the heart of everything…